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Step by Step

Watch step by step engaging videos, which helps you to understand the 21st century concepts thoroughly. Aiding to clear the quizzes and challenges.


Bundle Courses

Don’t restrict your creativity to one topic. Build your skills and start expanding your skill set by exploring all the 21st century skill courses.


Get Certified

You will receive a certification on successful completion of the course along with solving all the challenges and quizzes.


Foundation Robotics

The entire course deals with sensors & automations that pave way for basics of robotics. Sensors & integrations are made simpler to use with no coding required. Every module kindles the creativity of your child and improves their circuit building ability. Getting foundation stronger, widely opens up the capability of your child to learn any further technologies thereon.

Manual Robotics

The entire course starts from the basics of gears to arm grippers, the level takes you through hands on experience of building a robot. Learn about torque, power, working of motors, ground clearance and other important concepts in a fun and engaging way. You will design your own sumo, soccer and a few other robot variations.Also you will learn Engineering drawing which helps you design robots that can race, fight, etc.  

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Advanced Robotics

The entire course starts from the basics on how to code with C-Language. Coding is made fun with the Robot kit which will help your child visualize the code’s output and understand the concepts better. Every chapter is a problem solving challenge that improves your child’s coding knowledge along with logical thinking and reasoning skills.


The entire course starts from the conceptual understanding of Drone physics such as forces of flight, flight movement terms such as roll, pitch and yaw, components of a Drone, etc. Learn the basics of programming in a playful using Scratch – the most popular block-based visual programming language. Learn about building logics to program your Drone to serve various applications such as Farming, Security, Transportation, etc.